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1993 Saturn SL making a noise when car is off

Hi all,
Our 1993 Saturn SL1 wouldn’t start this morning (this never happens). After we turned the car off, it made this “dugga, dugga, dugga” noise that seems to come from below the emergency brake. Even though the car has been off, the noise has been happening intermittently since this morning. We just replaced the battery a month ago. Any thoughts?



Try posting at

I only have the manuals for 2000-2002.

Thanks, Keith! I’ll check it out.


I don’t know if this applies, but on the 00-02 Saturn’s, there is a sensing and diagnostic module located right under the parking brake handle, just under the console cover. I don’t know if you have one of these, I don’t know why it would make any noise, and I don’t have any information about it because there is no other mention of it in the Factory Service Manual other than its location and the fact that the data link runs through it.