1993 Mustang LX Turn Signal Issues

Ok first thing I did was replace the fuses. Then I replaced the Flasher. I checked the emergency lights, and headlights. Everything works but when I hit the turn signal in either direction there is no response… It just stopped a few days ago, and I have no idea what the problem could be. I’m going to check the blinker relay next, and if that doesn’t work then the only thing left I can think of is to take the wheel column down, pull the f***er out, and see if the switch itself is broken… Any suggestions? I’m gettin lost here, lol.

I’m afraid that failures of the multifunction switch are not uncommon.

Had the same problem with my 90 Mustang gt.The guy I sold the car to told me there is a 2nd flasher under the dash left of the radio.I think the flasher by the fuse panel is for the emergency flashers.