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1993 jeep Grand Cherokee 4.0L 6cyl 4wd 118k miles

I bought my car used. At the time when i started it it ran real loud and what id describe as “bubbly” and ouder than i thought it should but it was a cheap car…and it was from my moms hubby at the time… Last year i had to completely rebuild the transmission… now ever since when i turn car on and press on gas it hesitates… i never git it looked at… (stupid, i know) anywayd more recently it has been hard to accelerate up hills on the freeway…etc its like i have to stomp on the pedal…Nd it seems like the mim i put gas in i gotta put more in soon after…i drove it to the store and it drove there no sign of stalling. No sign of a rough idle. No sign of anything besides ehat it had been doing…i came out of the store an hour or two later and started the car…it was idling really rough…so i turned it off for a few mins and tried again…crank but no start and again…crank but no start…i had to call a tow. As i am waiting i try again more then ten mins later Nd it starts right up…it ran for about 7-8 mins and started roughly running i tried giving her gas and it seemed to make it worse and turns off. I was close to E on my gas tank so tow truck guy said he thinks im just out of gas but i had driven the car at a lower fuel level than it was at. Anyways i get home put a half gallon in mind you it was reading just below the second line now after half gallon it is a lil above and it has been reading correctly since i got it. Anywayz put gas in try to start it does the same thing it did at the store. Even running a few secs and then turning off. I smell a lil gas outside but not in the cab…dont kniw if its from the spilled gas from using gas can or the fuel system on her. Im thinking fuel pump… i bought a gauge but someone wants me to check the cheaper part…fuel filter first… And now i have checkex the pressure with a ga ge with the key in theon position and the gauge read 0 psi. Now when i put the gauge on gas spurtef out of the schrader valve as it should… Well i figured third try is the charm so.after tightening the gauge a lil i had my helper try turning on the car and now it wont even crank…it makes a clicking noise as if the battery is dead…i dont get gow the battery would die it has only been sitting for 4 or 5 days?.. Help help help. Furl pump??? Accelerator??? Both??? Alarm system mal function? What is my cars issue?? I say alarm system…does my year and model even have an alarm??? i read that it will shut down the fuel pump

The first problem you mention, after rebuilding the transmission you get a little hesitation when stepping on the pedal, that could be caused by an improper adjustment of the transmission linkage to the throttle. Not sure how it works on a 1993, but on slightly older vehicles there’s often a cable from the throttle area near the top of the engine that runs back to the transmission. It controls how the transmission reacts to stepping on the accelerator. If that isn’t set up correctly or left disconnected, it can cause this sort of symptom. Ask your tranny shop that did the rebuild to take a look at that. It’s called the “transmission throttle valve linkage” I think. (Note this assumes you have an automatic transmission.)

I doubt that has anything to do w/the current no crank, no start problem. First off you got to get the engine to crank. Charge up the battery with a battery charger, might take an overnight charging to do it though. In the meantime clean the connections to the battery, the posts and the connectors with a battery tool. If the battery is the type you can refill, check to make sure it is at the proper fill level and correct with distilled water if necessary. Make sure the top of the battery is very clean, as dirt can combine with battery fluid and create a current path that will discharge the battery. If it still won’t crank you’ll have to get a shop to load test the battery and check the charging/cranking system.

Once you get the engine to crank, then figuring why it won’t start begins with figuring out if the problem is spark or fuel. Suggest for now you get the cranking problem solved, then come back for advice on how to check whether the problem is spark or fuel.

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The car cranks. The battery is just dead currently. Lol. My problem is getting it to start. And yes i know because the battery died and car wont start i need to charge battery with a charger :disappointed_relieved: i am checking the fuses tmrw and gonna see if i hear the pump switch on when the key is in the on position

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