1993 Jeep Dying in traffic

I have a 1993 Jeep Wrangler 4 cyl. When I am downshifting, the rpm’s will drop to very low levels 100 or so and even die on me. If I feather the throttle a bit while I engage the clutch, the rpm’s will stay up and the Jeep will not die. I have changed the air idle control valve, plug wires, cleaned the throttle body, oil change. The a/c condenser will disengage when the rpm’s drop that low and reengage once I get the jeep moving again. Since I use it for city driving, the problem is exacerbated at every light. Any help would be greatly appreciated on what I can try next.

Could be the TPS, throttle position sensor.

Yes, the TPS is a prime suspect. When you cleaned the throttle body, did you clean the passage for the idle air control valve?