94 6-cyl 4WD Wrangler hesitation, miss

Have a 94 Wrangler with very intermittent hesitation, power loss. Thought it was tied to gas tank below half, only happens under load - when shifting into neutral stops runs fine. Also tends to stop when car is shut off; then restarted in a minute or so. O2 sensor replaced, catalytic converter OK, and coil replaced. So ?? Distributor? Fuel injectors? Other ideas?

Changed the fuel filter, lately? Spark plugs? Run a code check?

As noted check the fuel filter, and I would also suggest having the fuel pump checked for pressure and volume (after you change the filter). You might want to have the computer checked to see if it has any stored error codes. Some auto parts stores will do that for free, try Advanced Auto Parts or Autozone. You may have error codes stored even if there is not CEL (Check Engine Light)