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1993 honda civic

My daughter has a 1993 Honda Civic, which was running perfectly until yesterday. Until she mistakenly filled the engine with too much oil. She then drove it until a large amount of white smoke started belching from her tailpipe. All seals and gasket seem to be intact. I drained the oil and fill it to proper levels, but still have a large amount of smoke coming out of the pipe. I check the radiator to ensure that no oil/water mixture, but it was a huge cloud of smoke…is this the end for this car or is there still hope.

You probably have some residual oil in the top of the engine. It should burn out in a few days and clear up. If it doesn’t, then you have a problem.

Something that might help is to do about 10 hard accelerations in high gear. The engine must be fully warmed up first. If its a stick, that would be 30-60 in fifth gear, pedal to the metal. If an automatic, when its in high gear at about 30 mph, press the pedal as far as possible without the engine downshifting. It will take a few practice runs to find that point.

The idea is put put as much pressure on the rings as possible to scrape the oil off the cylinder walls. You don’t want the engine RPM to go much above 2500 rpm, under 2k would be best.

How much extra oil was in there?