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1993 Ford F-150

there a couple of things wrong with this particular vehicle. first, that battery will not hold its charge; it also has a high pitched noise when started and only when accelerating. any ideas on where to start?

Start with the battery. Hit AutoZone, Advanced, or whatever chain is near you. They can run a load test on it, and tell you if it needs to be replaced.

Then try to get a bit more technical on this noise you hear. Does it happen when the engine’s cold or hot. Does it even seem to come from the engine?

What’s the status on the transmission? Is it a manual or automatic? Last fluid and filter change? Does the noise sound like it might be coming from there?


A loose belt could explain the squeal and poor charging. What is the typical scenario for won’t hold a charge? You jump it and 1/2 hour later you try to start it and you have to jump it again, or it is fine, when you shut it off but 12 hours later the battery is dead. Have you had the battery tested? free at many auto parts stores.

The first thing to do is check your records. Has the belt and battery been replaced in the past few years? If not, replace both. If they have, how long ago?

I’m putting my nomey on a bad alternator.

the belt also seems to be tearing on the edges. as for everything else i will check and let you know in detail. thanks

also the trans. is manual.

well an update one of the the vacuums is out it needs a new battery and a alternator. after this is done i can expect more problems... any suggestions?

I could just suggest replacing it, but that’s not really fair, and probably really not necessary. Just keep up with all the regular maintenance, get a few $$ put aside for any repairs, and keep on driving.

It’s 18 years old. We all ran into problems at about that age. :slight_smile:


yes that is very true. the transmission also slips out of 4th gear. can someone tell me what i should expect to pay for a rebuild and what is too high.