1993 ford e-150 high idle problem

I saw the first pilot episode of MacGyver last night on DVD. He disarmed a missile with a paper clip, made a personal sized jet thruster from a flare gun, destroyed a CO2 laser with a part he harvested from binoculars, and plugged up a leak in a huge vat of sulfuric acid with a candy bar. “MacGyver” is definitely a verb!

so after testing a lot of sensors with my multi meter… i found out that my brand new TPS was faulty… so i fixed the old one i took off (the wires were bare) dialed it in at .90v and she’s running good now

and for the Mcgyuver subject, the first 2 seasons were awsome… after that he only used rubberbands and paperclips… :wink:

Congrats on diagnosing the problem and getting your vehicle back to fine running condition again. Yes, quite a few reports here verify what you’ve found, the ECM is quite sensitive to the tps and a faulty or mis-calibrated tps can cause all sorts of hard to diagnose drivability problems.

I wonder if the new faulty TPS switch you got was a return item foisted off on the parts store by someone who ended up with both new part and their money back. It happens and especially so with electrical items.