1993 Cadillac DeVille - Stalls

Car stalls intermittently while driving. New fuel lines, fuel injectors are clean, fuel pump works fine. Alternator is working perfectly. No codes popping up on computer. I’m starting to believe it’s a bad ground wire or the computer itself. After stalling the car always restarts on 2nd or 3rd try and then no problems until it happens again. If it were a ground wire, which ones do I have checked first ??? At wit’s end LOL

Carry an extra spark plug in the vehicle.

The next time the engine stalls, remove a spark plug wire from one of the plugs, insert the extra spark plug into the plug wire, and lay the spark plug on the engine to ground it.

Have someone crank the engine over and watch the spark on the end of the spark plug.

It should be bright blue in color.

If it’s yellow or nonexistent, there’s an ignition problem.

This could be caused by a bad ignition module,


Or a bad pick-up coil in the distributor.