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1993 cadillac allante engine oil leak and A/C recond

Hi my name is Tony G. I need help finding a mechanic who knows Caddy Allante’s. Dealer wants well over $5,000 for engine leak and a/c repair.
All I can afford is MAX $2,500. Repair is not needed right away. I can tie the car up for a Month. ANYONE in the Nashua NH area available???


@TonyG…you need to remove your phone number ASAP. You are on the world wide web where anything can and does happen. Not all of it is good.

Rear seal leak or typical normal northstar case half leak?

Thanks about phone number. Also the leak is Northstar half leak.

Well’ the trans has to come out to fix case leak. A super tech can do it in car. I have never met a non- dealer tech who could do it in car. A mere mortal has to remove motor to fix leak. Which is 20+ hrs labor.


93 is nice. NS motor, love it or hate it. Better suspension. Never cared for dash of that era but it is what it is. Do you have hardtop too?