1993 BMW- sporadic non-start


Our BMW has the E36 body style and the M50 engine. Infrequently, while driving, the car will sputter and die. When the car cools off, it will start again. It appears to be temperature related and electrical in nature. We have had the crank sensor replaced and the crank sensor dampening wheel replaced. The error code points to the crankshaft sensor but the car is old enough that the codes are not that specific. I am interested in your suggestions as to what sensors I should look at and/or replace. (idle control sensor, throttle position sensor, etc?) Thanks very much, Mike

Find a reputable independent BMW specialist in your area. Have him diagnose the problem and give you a written estimate for repair. Error codes are just part of the diagnostic process. Just replacing parts is expensive, time consuming and may or may not solve the underlying problem.

From what you have described (dies, then restarts when cool) I’d suspect fuel problems – filters, fuel pump, clogged lines, injectors, etc.). But this is just a guess.