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1992 buick 3.3 dies

Driving me nuts! Car runs perfectlly for 5-8 miles and then dies. Just like shutting off the key. Will neve restart until 15 minutes have gone by and will only run a mile or two til it does it again. Have replaced fuel pump, filter, 02sensor, mass air sensor, throttle sensor. Diagnostics shows nothing. No lights come on when it quits. How hard is it to change crank sensor? Is there a easy check for it? Help!!

This sounds heat related especially since it needs to cool off for 15 minutes to start again. First thing that would come to mind would be the ignition module and or coil. The module is under the coil pak or paks-not sure what is on there. I would be inclined to get the coil/module assembly from a junk yard for $20 and swap it out. The way to check would be to check for spark with a spark tester or timing light when it stalls. If no spark, then its in the ignition and not fuel.

A crank sensor would either cause a miss or total failure and not be heat related.

Swapped out the coil pack and module. Still does the same exact thing. Any other ideas?

If you swapped out the coils/module, then the problem is with the crankshaft position sensor. These sensors do fail when they get hot.


I was afraid of that. Is there a way of testing it? I’ve heard they are a bearcat to change out.

Finally!! It was the crank sensor.