1992 lumina running on two cylinders

I replaced the ecm and the sencoir that contrals the spark. I also replaced the coils, the spark plugs, and wires. the car starts however it is only running on the first and second cylinders is this a timing chain issue or is thier another spark controling device?

Did you replace the ignition module?


where is the ignition module? is that the piece that the coils plug in to



yes that was replaced the old one tested bad on the low rpm range.

Okay, forgive me if this is overly obvious, but did you make sure you have the plug wires going to the right plugs? This car is a waste-spark system where the coils spark at TDC on the compression and exhaust strokes-- so if you just hook the plug wires up randomly there’s a pretty good chance it’ll start and run.

I thought I hooked them up acoding to th erepair manual. however It make scence so I will check to night.