1996 chevy lumina

I have a 96 chevy lumina with a 3100. The problem I have is when the outside air is below 30 the car will not start. I dont think its a coil pack problem but I need some help. Thanks doug

I have a 93 and it does the same thing now if you are having the same problem it has to do with the fuel pump but if you are haveing a problem like a low Batt. Then you need a Batt with better Cold Cranking Amps. Sure hope that this helps you out and you can try thurning the key on like you where driving a Desial, More or less you are priming the system this 2 times and see if that helps.


The car turns over just fine but no fire. I think its gitting fuel but no spark.Thanks

Why don’t you think its a coil pack problem? Sometimes you can’t tell if a coil pack is bad by just looking at it. It could be an internal problem inside the coil pack. If you aren’t getting spark then most likely that is the problem. Check all your plugs, wires, clean the posts on the coil pack, and go from there. Have you checked to see if it gets spark? Maybe you are getting a spark but not to all cylinders. That’s all stuff you have to check out. Let us know what happens.