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Help! Need a Good Shop for My Baby (Lexus 300es)

Can’t find a dependable shop on the west side of Los Angeles. Nothing in “Mechanic’s Files” that is current or folks that are experienced working on a Lexus. I am ready for a new timing belt – local dealer says……$2,200. Got a kid in college and an x-wife. I am getting drained and think the friendly guys at Lexus have their eyes on the rest of my cash. Pleeez, I need some help.

The good news is that the ES300 is identical (99% at least) to a V6 Camry, so any good Toyota shop can handle it. You don’t need or want to take it to the dealer, I stopped doing that early in the life of my ES300. You might want to check out Edmunds long term test of a '96 ES300, they discuss mechanics in LA that they’re happy with working on their ES300:

Texases is right on on this, it is a V6 Camry in Lexus drag. Broaden your search to Toyota specialists.