1992 Legend Transmission Issue

Hi All,

I’ve got a 1992 Legend L w/ 208K. It sat for about 4 years while I traveled (key was lost). After driving it on the highway for about 200 miles, I exited the ramp, stopped at a light and when I gassed it, it did not move. I tried all gears. I let it sit for about 15 minutes, tried again and it moved about 50 yards and would not move again. I did this about 5 times before having it towed. Each time after it sat, it would move about 50 yards.

I know that there is probably a VSS issue, because the drive lights flash (this was not the case when I parked it 4 years ago). Also, the engine light came on after about 150 miles on the highway. I pulled over, check all fluids and continued.

Does anyone know if this is a major transmission issue, or just a fluid change, filter change, VSS switch or something less major than a tranny overhaul.



Have you checked the transmission fluid level? If the fluid level is up to the ‘hot full’ line, does the fluid look tan or black when dabbed onto a paper towel? Does the fluid smell acrid, burnt, or like hot electrical insulation? Does the dip stick fluid feel uncomfortably hot when you pull it after the ‘no drive’ condition has occurred? I gather that the transmission does not work in reverse after it stops working in forward?

The fact that you tried to drive it 5 times with a possibly slipping clutch pack is not a happy sign. This problem probably will not be affected by a fluid change, pan drop, and filter change. The VSS would affect the shifting but would not affect the start off driving or reverse. If the transmission were in ‘limp home’ mode the transmission would probably start off in second and stay there. You are probably looking at a transmission rebuild or installation of a used transmission.

Tow the Legend to a transmission specialist familiar with Honda transmissions for his/her advice. They can do a diagnosis and determine what the problem might be.

Good luck on this. Let us know if you need additional information.