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1992 Isuzu Rodeo fuel system problems

My 92 Rodeo is giving me fits. My fuel dummy light came on with a full tank of gas and the car died. I have since changed out the fuel pump, fuel sender, filter and checked the relay. What else could be causing this.

A fuse perhaps?

Bottom line: if the pump has no voltage, you’ll need to go back through the line until you find the lost voltage. It might be a fuse, a relay, an inertial switch (many vehicles shut the fuel pump off in an accident to prevent infernos), or even a simple frayed wire. You’ll probably discover that you changed all these parts for nothing.

Start with an owner’s manual and a DVM with pin probes and find the missing voltage.

On 92 toyotas the low fuel light is operated by a switch on the fuel sender unit. It switches the light on when the tank is less than 1/16 full. It’s hard to see how something wrong with this switch in the sender unit would cause the car to die, or be related to a failed fuel pump.

I’m guessing you are chasing wild fowl. I think the problem is more likely in the electrical system somewhere. A shorted wire probably, that coincidentally turns on the low fuel light, but also shorts out something important needed to keep the engine running. Take a look at the schematic and see if the wire running between the sender and the dashboard for low fuel runs near something important.