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Car Won't Start In The Sun

Our Honday Accord 2-door is being weird. Sometimes when it sits in the hot sun, it will not start. No clicks, no turn-over . . . nothing. But anytime it’s out of the sun, it starts right up. I’ve had it to a Honda mechanic (battery is good) and he is… dumbfounded. Any experience like this from someone out there who had it fixed?

Is this an older Accord? A while ago they had a problem with the main relay under the dash. It wouldn’t work when the inside of the car was hot.

Yes, it’s a '98 two door, black.

I had a 1992 accord w/ a similar problem. It turned out there was a relay under the dashboard that needed to be replaced.

almost certainly your main relay. The good news is, it’s a pretty cheap part, and it isn’t hard to replace it yourself. A couple of wire connections and a screw to mount it. If it’s where most Honda main relays are, it’s under the dash on the driver’s side, to the left of the steering wheel.