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1992 Honda Accord Hydraulic Clutch Problem

I have a 1992 Honda Accord (165,000 miles) with a hydraulic clutch. After my mechanic replaced the driven plate (clutch plate) due to normal wear, I noticed the following, which did not exist prior to the repair: When the car is cold (50 to 70 degrees F), the clutch pedal feels spongy with about 2" of play. The clutch releases with the pedal about 2" from the BOTTOM of the pedal range. As the car warms up to operating temperature, all the play leaves and the clutch releases with the pedal about 2" from the TOP of the pedal range. This condition persists even though my mechanic has replaced the clutch plate a second time, replaced the clutch master cylinder twice, replaced the clutch slave cylinder once and verified the correct type of hydraulic fluid and fluid level.

I ran a test by warming the car up and spraying cold water on the master and slave cylinders with no effect. I then sprayed the clutch damper (and the area around it) and the play and sponginess returned to the clutch pedal as it cooled and the clutch disengaged properly near the bottom of the pedal range. So, my mechanic put in a new clutch damper. Need I add that I still have the problem? When the car is warm, the clutch disengages so close to the top of the pedal range that I’m afraid it isn’t fully engaging.

I’m stumped. What’s my next step? The parts list for the clutch hydraulic system are at (it’s the 1995 part list–similar to the 1992).

Thanks for your help.