1992 dodge only starts with ether

I just replaced my spark plugs the next day I got half a mile down the road when I stopped for a stop sign the truck died and wouldn’t start untill I gave it a shot of ether then it started after a few seconds of cranking and ran fine I drove it back home no problem

Sounds like it is starving for fuel? Does the fuel pump work, can you hear it when you turn the key in the “on” position?

What needs to be known is what is missing when there is a no-start condition; ignition spark or fuel pressure? Offhand, I might say an Idle Air Valve control problem if you mean the throttle was not depressed during a re-start attempt. As always, the details are important.

Why are you carrying a can of Ether around with you? Has this been a chronic problem?
Ether should only (IMO) be used to start a diesel on a cold morning if needed.