Cold start '97 chevy

You guys are great, I have been listening for years! Thanks for all the laughs!

Christmas eve (day), '09, above truck would not start. 1/4 tank of fuel, parked on a small incline, pushed truck to flat surface,(thinking the fuel was not getting to the pump since the pump is in the front of the tank) but to no avail. Sprayed ether in air cleaner truck started right up and has ever since, but only with the help of ether each time; will not start without ether charge. What to do?

If you turn the key to “ON” and wait 5 seconds (count slowly) before turning it to “START,” does it make any difference?

How does it start when it’s not cold?

Thanks, It always started right up, every time, every day for years. Then this, out of the blue. I have been doing what you said, (even turn it off, wait 10 secs and do it again, then try to start) I hear the pump running, give it time to get the fuel to the injector, etc. 1 out of 8-10 tries it will start on it’s own. Sometimes it won’t start (1/2 the time) after I’ve driven it for a spell.(if that’s what you meant by warm)

Have you taken it to a mechanic? That would be my next step.

Well, I’ve been holdng off hoping it was something I could fix. Guess that’s it for me then, thanks…