1992 Chevy P/U might have slack in driveline(?)

My 92 Chevy 1/2 truck, 700R4 trans., 305 engine has a weird issue. When I take off sometimes, there seems to be a “give” or “engagement” accompanied sometimes by a clanging sound that resonates through the driveline. When I hit the gas it feels like the driveline spins then catches. This happens quickly, less than a second. However, it’s gotten to where now I can tell when its going to do it when I come to a stop. Right before my wheels stop rolling when I come to a stop at a traffic light it feels like there’s another car hitting me gently in the rear bumper. Anyway, I’ve played and toyed with it and found that if I feel this “feeling” when coming to a stop I can put it in neutral and back to drive and it wont do the delayed engement thing when I take off. My freinds 1990 truck, extended cab though, does the same thing. Wow, what a lengthy entry…sorry…

Have the u-joints checked for free-play. This seems like a failed u-joint problem to me.

You may be experiencing the infamous “slip yoke clunk” that has been common in Chevy’s and Jeeps. I believe GM had a TSB on this. The slip yoke slides in and out of the transmission tail housing as the suspension compresses and unloads. What happens is that the slip yoke or the bushing in the tail housing wear out and start to bind. What you are hearing is the slip yoke “breaking” free when you step on the gas from a stop or come to stop.

This would not explain the delay or ?spinning? you are experiencing though, which could be a separate problem in the transmission.