U-joint issues?

I have a 2012 Ford F150 that has started to slip (for lack of a better word), every time I come to a complete stop. It takes a few seconds, but then gunk! It just slips/jumps forward a little bit. Nothing after that. A buddy told me he thinks my U-Joint is going out. Can anyone else confirm this or enlighten me on what else it might possible be? I am by no means a mechanic, but I would like to have an idea of what it might possible be before I take it to one.

Thank you

Let the mechanic do his job. Don’t try to find out what he needs to do before you go there.

I’ll just say it’s not a u-joint. It’s a transmission problem.

Could be a U-joint, could be a motor mount (my best guess), or if it’s a crew cab it could be a carrier bearing, if it’s a 4x4 there are even more possibilities.
But I’m reluctant to suggest a specific cause and have the OP going to a shop and telling them what to change. That usually doesn’t end well.

I’ve never heard of a U-joint slipping for a few seconds. It sounds like a delayed clutch engagement in the transmission possibly due to a sticky servo or low transmission oil pressure.

+1 to @“MY 2 CENTS” , a U joint will clunk or squeak, but cannot slip for seconds. Something is going on in the tranny. If the truck is still under warranty, take it back to the dealer. If not in warranty take to a local independent shop. Tell them the symptoms and they will figure it out.

Yeah it’s like a clunk. Sorry, wasn’t quite sure how to describe it. I will definitely keep all of your assistance in mind when I take it in. I will always try to learn as much as possible before going to a mechanic. Not because I will tell them how to do their job, but as a female I need to be prepared for the possibility that I could be getting ripped off.

Thanks again!!

Apparently some 2011-2014 F-150s do this. There are a couple of possibilities that are addressed in Ford Technical Service Bulletins. This may or may not be an unusual problem.

Another F-150 (2011, 67,000 miles) owner started a similar discussion here on 12/12/15. Here’s that link:

Take a look and ask more questions.


Limited slip differentials can do this. I think those are becoming less common these days, but my older Ford truck has one. And has exhibited that symptom b/c of it. Do you know if your F150 has a limited slip differential?

It’s pretty easy for a shop to check for a bad u-joint, so don’t go on any wild goose chases until that has been done.

could be a worn brake shoe grabbing and slipping, the adjuster may fix the prob

if it even has shoes…