1992 Cadillac Sedan Deville

i have issues with the climate control display flickering off and on when it wants…the defrost kicking on both front and back when it wants and it changes temps on it’s own and the ac kicks on occasion…i have had the ac serviced and it is fine, what else could be the issue?

What do you have for a repair manual for your car?

Have you looked to see if the manual mentions how to put this moronic/overly complex auto climate control system into self test mode?

Dont know about your Caddy, but on some Fords, this is as simple as pressing and holding 2 of the climate control buttons at the same time.

The system will self test & any trouble codes will be displayed on the dash display.

I had a 93 Seville that had the same problem it turned out it was the control head (module that controls the climate control). To get the codes out of the computer you have to press the off and warm button at the same time and it will enter the diagnostic mode.