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1992 Cadillac Deville

I have no heat. I took it to a mechanic who flushed the system. Still no heat. Took it back and need a new heater.Car is not used much, sits in a garage, 55,000 miles. Cant guarantee that new heater wil fix problem. Help

Does it run up to the correct operating temp? What t-stat is in the engine?

If the t-stat is stuck open the engine will run cool resulting in no heat.

Do the heater hoses get hot to the touch?

Coolant level at the full Cold mark when the engine is cold?

Sorry I cant answer these questions perfectly. From what I understand from the mechanic, hoses are hot, passenger side some heat and driver side minimal when the car is running. When car stops no heat.He says thermostat is fine, but will change it if he is doing the new heater. I will ask him these questions tomorrow.Thanks

Does this Caddy have the vacuum operated climate control system?
My uncle had one and two dealers could not get it to work. He found an independent retired guy the used to work for the cadillac dealer and that was all the guy did was work on the a/c and heaters. In less than a week and dash removal, he got it operating. It took a “specialist”. That is not much incouragement but may be what you are looking at.