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1992 Buick Riviera - Help with HVAC

My 1992 Buick Riviera is a beautiful car with no rust (garaged every winter). 140 K miles but runs great. Unfortunately, I am now having problems with the Electronic Climate Control and am looking for someone who can help with problems described below. Unexplained battery discharge, possibly related to AC and fuse failure. I have replaced the battery twice the last several months so I don’ believe that is the problem. Also, temp set push button is not working—currently set at 90 degrees and “down” button does not work. I assume module needs replacement and I am looking for a garage/mechanic to fix these issues. Dealer can’t help! Can you suggest someone?

There is a real good place in Sydney , Australia and one in Nome , Alaska .
Seriously , you don’t give your location but you are just going to start calling air conditioner places and tell them what you have. The dealer can’t help because it may take used parts on a vehicle that is this old .

Why? Because the parts are no longer available?

From your description the climate control computer module has failed and is drawing power from the battery when the car is off. It likely needs replacement and I’ll guess the dealer said they cannot get the part. Right?

Electronics die when they get old. They can be repaired with new capacitors, sometimes. Others, maybe not. You need to take it to an independent auto repair shop that specializes in AC. They might be able to find a re-built climate control module and install it.

Your engine control module is likely not far behind as well as the radio. Sorry to say, your car may reach a point where it is un-fix-able.


Maybe the module or whatever part that is that you push the buttons on, I don’t know. I had two battery drains with my Rivieras. One was the door handle that would activate the interior lights randomly. The other was the air suspension control by the rear wheels. Found it just by chance. I did have the blower control module go and the fan would run continuously whether the car was on or not but that doesn’t sound like your problem. French Lake Auto Parts (FLAP) north of Minneapolis specializes in order cars and I got body parts from them so if you strike out using, they are an alternative. But gee any reasonable mechanic with the paper or electronic repair manual should be able to figure it out.