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1991 Mercury Cougar Front End Clunk

I have slowly been restoring a 1991 Mercury Cougar LS 5.0L HO, the first thing I did 9 months ago was replaced just about every part in the front end suspension. About 5 months ago I noticed a click when I turned and accelerated at the same time. The click has turned into a heavy clunk (or a Pop) that I can feel in the floor boards and can be heard 20 feet from the car. (It happens when braking and accelerating as well as turning)

I am pretty good with cars and I own the Car Shop Manual by Ford, but I just can’t seem to isolate what part is causing the noise.

If anyone has encountered this problem, or have an idea it would be very helpful.

Thank you


“replaced just about every part in the front end suspension.”

How about the ball joints?


Thank you for all the help. I ended up having to bring it to the Ford dealership for an unrelated issue, so I told them to check it out.

The clunking was a result of work tension strut mounts. When the tension struts met the frame the bushings wore out. They then proceeded to move and grind the surrounding metal. This allowed them to move and “Clunk” whenever the frame flexed.

The Ford dealership welded the frame to the right size and I will soon replace the bushings.

Hope I could help anyone else who has had this issue.