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1991 izuzu trooper starting issues

The problem I’m having is it starts fine in the morning but when I shut it off it it takes about an hour to start back up can someone help me ?

Proper analysis for a proper cure. If you don’t want to fix it yourself stop by a mechanic and let them diagnose it in failure mode. Fuel pump is a possibility, had a ford that had the similar issue, crank but no start periodically, and it was a bad fuel pump. Does the engine crank, and no start, or no crank?

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It cranks just fine but kills the battery pretty fast

It cranks ok, but doesn’t catch & run when hot? That’s usually called a “heat soak” problem by mechanics.

Pretty much has to be either spark or fuel. From comments here in general (not specific to your make) it is often caused by a faulty crank position sensor or the ignition module. Other common possibilities

  • Ignition Coil
  • Fuel pump
  • Fuel pump relay or other main-engine relay

When it happens ask your shop to check for spark. If spark is ok, ask them to spray some starter fluid into the air intake. If it starts up and runs briefly, it’s a fuel supply problem.

It turns over just fine it just won’t start

Agree with George. Spark is easy to test for when it doesn’t start.

Low probability, but easy test…hold throttle to floor while cranking hot. If it starts, it was flooded (leaking injectors or fuel pressure regulator).

Tried it didn’t work it’s acting like it’s not getting spark

Ask your shop to test for spark.