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Hard Starting 1995 Isuzu Trooper

I have cleaned the fuel injectors, put in new spark plugs and new spark plug wires. Please suggest what else I can do. The only time it starts easly is when it’s very hot. If I leave it off for just 5 minutes, it will start up quickly. And a few times, when it is dead cold it will start on the first turn. All other times I have to crank it for what seems like minutes. I’m killing batteries and starters on a regular basis. Please help. Thank you, Paul Z

Is there a gas odor when the engine doesn’t start? If not then the problem might be with a defective crankshaft position sensor. If the computer doesn’t detect that the crankshaft is rotating when trying to start the engine, there’s no reason for the computer to inject fuel into the engine or fire the ignition system.


There is a gas smell occasionally. Mostly when I have become frustated with hard starting and have pumped the gas pedal numerous times. Usually there isn’t a gas smell unless I have pressed accelerator 3-5 times. Thank you for crankshaft idea. Any other ideas?

Best, Paul Z