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2000 Isuzu Trooper

My 2000 Isuzu Trooper, running “normally” until past Fri. JUST DIED at 40mph. No rough idle, no sputter. Engine suddenly stopped and cannot restart. Tries to turnover and I thought fuel flow problem. Changed fuel filter, and sounds like fuel pump pressurizes when I try to crank. Gas will spew under pressure at the filter.

I know this enging is bad on oil and I add regularly. It doesn’t seem that the engine has seized up. Thoughts?

You stated it “tries to turnover”, does that mean the motor won’t spin when the starter engages and tries to make it spin? Or does the motor in fact turn over, sounds like rrrr rrrr rrrr rrr, but won’t actually fire off and start? That makes a difference. If you see gas spewing, that’s a good sign you don’t have a fuel delivery problem. What exactly is your motor doing when you turn your key to start?

Sorry, it turns over -rrr, rrr, rrr - but won’t ignite. Thanks

It is mission Spark, fuel or compression. I would start with spark, as you have at least partly checked fuel.

Buy one new plug (buy a set if you can’t remember when they were last replaced or if it was over 50,000 miles.) and remove the plug wire from one plug and put the new plug on that wire. Hold the plug threads tightly to the engine when someone turns the key to start the engine. If you get a bright blue spark, move on. If you get a weak park or no spark, you likely have found the problem area. The test works best in a dark area (like at night on in a garage with little light) and you will find that it is wise to use a very well insulated tool to hold the plug while doing this. You will only forget that insulated tool once. :slight_smile:

The way it died sounds suspiciously like an ignition module or coil or something else in the ignition system. (If you have no spark when performing the test above.) If you find spark, come back on with your results. If you need some time to collect your thoughts because when you were holding that plug against a ground, you accidently pulled it away for a brief second, and almost wet yourself, as the 50,000 volts went charging through your body, I can certainly understand that. Been there and done that.

Just a wild thought…could it be the timing belt? would an engine try to turn over with a broken one???

Good point mshuqna. AndersonisSC, does it have a belt or timeing chain?

It won’t fire, bacause the valves are not opening and closing to allow fuel to be drawn in and compressed. But even if it were a noniterference engine ths sounds would not be normal. All the cylinders with valves left open by the stlll cams would simply allow the pistons to go up and down freely, pulling and pushing air easily through open valves. Those with open intake valves would be pushing air in and out of the intake manifold, those with exhaust valves open would push air in and out of the exhaust manifold. It’ll sound weird. Besides, the ECU would also not have a signal from the cam position (or cam speed) sensor, so there’d be no sparks.

I’m going to suggest missing spark. Start with looking for fault codes in the ECU. That may just point you in the right direction.

I usually use a leather work glove when doing something like this.