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1991 Dodge Stealth - is it really the injectors?

When the engine is cold , the check engine light is off ( engine runs great ) , as soon as it get warmed up , check engine light comes on and stays on until I turn engine off and it gets cold again , then light will be off , ran codes , injector?? Just put new injectors in , no help ,

Injector is not a code, what was the actual code Pxxxx

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reading by voltmeter , 4 high - 1 low ( 41 ? ) i don’t understand how it can be anything to do all with injectors anyways ,i have a new 02 sensor ,if i cold keep the engine cold all the time , it would run great .

Code 41 is for the fuel injector circuit, open or shorted. Inspect the wiring and injector connectors. Possibly a problem with the injector resistor assembly if you have the R/T Turbo.

Does the engine show any symptoms when it warms up?

The computer probably measures how much current the circuit is using when it pulses the injectors with a fixed voltage pulse. Something must be wrong with the current it is measuring. It could be an injector problem, wiring harness problem, or whatever it uses to measure the current might be faulty. It must be fairly subtle failure if the check engine light doesn’t turn on immediately from a cold start. If you know how to use the ohms function on your meter you could measure the resistance of each injector. Disconnect the battery negative first.

It some times feels like I am running on 5 cylinders and the tack at idle , keeps moving up & down 3 rpm to 12 rpm