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1990 Trooper

we just bought a 1990 Trooper. we went to leave a friend’s house and we couldn’t turn the key in the ignition. we have tried turning the wheel back and forth, first gear, neutral, with brakes, without breaks. There appears to be no button or switch to release the lock. HELP, PLEASE!!

can you get the key back out of the ignition?

Have a friend to give you a jump-start. If the key then turns OK, a mechanic needs to check voltages in the steering wheel lock release, etc. Not every mechanic is capable of performing electrical troubleshooting.

the key goes in and out. we just can’t turn it! so the whole wheel is locked, I’m waiting for a tow truck now to take it to my mechanic!

If your car was parked with directional tension on the front wheels your steering might have locked with tension, causing your key’s inabliity to unlock the wheel. I’m not convinced that is your problem. Does your steering wheel turn? Or is that locked as well as the key switch? Try applying pressure left and then right while trying to turn the key.

I had to have it towed to my mechanic. my husband had tried to put the wrong key into the ignition (it was dark) and this had jammed something. it took my mechanin less that 2 minutes to fix it! Thank goodness! we won’t be sticking any foreign keys in there again!! Thanks for your time.