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1990 Toyota Camry DX -- All wheel drive or front wheel drive?

We have owned our 1990 Camry DX for about 4-5 years. I have always thought for some reason that it was an all-wheel drive, but was recently told if it was an All-Trac, that would have been included in the trunk insignia (e.g. DX All Trac"). Does this mean it is a front wheel drive only, or could it be an all-wheel drive? Automatic transmission; has “EFT” button on console (never used), and it has an overdrive button on shift lever–not sure if either of these bits of info are relevant to the question.

A trunk insignia could have been removed or fallen off over 20 years so that doesn’t mean much. Get under the back of the car. Is there a rear differential or a driveshaft leading to a rear differential, or are the rear wheels just along for the ride?

All-Trac was a proprietary full time symmetric all wheel drive system used from 1988 to 2000. I have heard of a Toyota ECT button but not an EFT button. Someone may be able to shed more light on that.

Sorry–it is an EFT button. What is that?

If you have a center diff lock button on the center console then it’s an All-Trac if lacks that then it’s a normal FWD model. I suspect the EFT button that you mentioned is simply a button that chooses between power or economy modes for the transmission.

The easy way to tell is to simply look under the car and see if there’s transfer case or rear differential.

The interior should have a placard about All-trac. Also there is a button that states All-Trac and has a center differntial lock. This was true of at least the Corolla and Celica in the early 1990’s.

Lastly look under the rear of vehicle. If you see an axle between rear wheels with a driveshaft leading to front you have AWD.