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1990 Oldsmobile Cutlass Calais starting problems

I have an a new radiator put in, spark plugs, new battery and a timing chain. However, after driving it somewhere (Driving at least 10mins so the engine is warm), like to a store or whatever, and coming out to go home…the car won’t start. The starter sounds fine (clicks and goes “rrr”…“rrr” sound) …but the engine won’t turn over…after about 10-15min and 4-5 tries, it will start. What is going on? I have taken it to 3 car repair places and still they have not fixed the problem. I have an GM made 1990 Oldsmobile Cutlass Calais I have put $800 in repairs…which don’t do any good if the car won’t start…help please!

You have a hot start problem. This is not an uncommon complaint here. Ignition components are prone to heat related failure, so the crank sensor and cam sensors are prime suspects. Since you did some cooling system work, testing the engine coolant temp sensor is a good idea. O2 sensors and other problems with fuel/air mixture can cause this, but those would usually produce a computer diagnostic trouble code (DTC). Have you had the stored and pending DTC’s read yet?

Please clear up something

Will the engine crank over, but not start?

Or will the engine not even crank over?

My take, by the comment that it makes the “rr” … "rr’ sound, the OP means it cranks ok. It just doesn’t catch and run.

clicks and goes rr sounds to me like the solenoid’s clicking, but the starter isn’t moving

“The starter sounds fine (clicks and goes “rrr”…“rrr” sound) …but the engine won’t turn over”

Well, I also think some clarity is in order. @rjweber89, if the starter engages fine and cranks the car then it is turning over. But it’s not starting. It would sound something like this:

Or does it sound more like this:

I’m assuming it doesn’t merely click or grind.