95 oldsmobile cutlass ciera starter?

My 95 oldsmobile cutlass ciera today had trouble starting. We were at the store and when we came out about 15 minutes after going in it took like 4 trys to start it. There was no sound when trying, did not crank. Its not the battery because it recently had a new alternator put in, not to mention my battery light wasnt on like it was before. This car is an automatic, about 115000 miles on it. Is it the starter? If so how much should that cost me?

It could be the starter or starter solenoid causing the problem but you should check some other things first. I would first clean the battery connections using a battery cleaning brush. Bad connections there are the most common source of this kind of trouble. The problem may also be with the neutral safety switch. Try starting the car with the shifter in neutral if this happens again. If that works then the switch may need to be readjusted or replaced.

The starter may need to be replaced and it may cost a few hundred dollars to have that done. Since your cars age is at a point that could mean the starter solenoid contacts are worn out that may the problem. The problem area should be verified first before replacing things. This may be a little difficult if the trouble is intermittent. My order of most likely suspects are: battery connections, starter solenoid, neutral safety switch.

I agree with Cougar, but I would add that while it is not first on my list, I would not totally rule out the battery.