1990 Mercedes 300SL transmission leak

We purchased a 1990 300 SL that has been cared for by all of the previous owners and runs excellent but recently the car developed a leak from the transmission. We had the local AAA shop replace the pan gasket. The car only leaks after being driven for a while and after being shut off not while it is running. The transmission shifts smoothly but we still can not locate the source of the leak? Could this be a hose or some other connection?

When you “had the local AAA shop replace the pan gasket” did you tell them it had a leak you couldn’t locate? If not, try going that route. They just might find it and be able to fix it for you.

There are lots of things it could be, from cooler lines to gaskets, input shaft to output shaft, and linkage connections. Can’t even really guess without seeing the car.

Thank you for the note and I agree it is hard to troubleshoot the problem without a closer look but just wanted to make sure there wasn’t a particular part that is known to fail on this transmission before I dig deeper.

Sorry…you may need an MB specialist…which I’m not. I don’t think there’s one that hangs out on this board. Your local, trusted mechanic might be your best bet, or even a call to the dealer. They should know. You’ll need to know the exact transmission model, though. I’m sure there are a few boards that specialize in older MB’s. With the transmission model in hand, a question there may get you a more definitive answer.

Usually, but not always, it’s the front seal, the fluid will drip out of the bell-housing and the slip-stream will blow it back…With the car warmed up and running, put it up on a lift and the source of the leak should be apparent…