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1990 Lincoln Town Car 5.0l bleeds oil & only starts when warm

I have to put the car on a 60amp charge while I start it & even then I must hold the accelerator down ever so slightly til the engine comes up to temp to keep it from stalling. After temp rises to norm its fine. I bought the car from my aunt so I know some of it’s history. The car has been short blocked, the new block only has 19000mi. But all the old parts went on the new block & I mean all of them. The car NEVER had tune up since she bought it from the dealer in 93 with 64k, the new block went in at 106k & it now reads 125k. Even the old plugs & wires went back in. Even the new block went 19000 with out an oil change! At any rate I replaced plugs, wires, cap & rotor, oil change & filter, vacuum hose from oil filler neck that goes to intake plenum, valve cover gasket & the pcv valve. So here is my problem I had my battery & alternator tested both checked out good, however my solenoid at the fender had a weak spark when I arced it. Someone told me battery cables & Ballast Resistor but my guess would be starter because once warm from running it will start back up. My big concern is the oil leak, bout 1/4 quart a day. When I replaced my pcv (pulled it from the lower intake) I noticed a filter screen that was plugged solid with oil, blow back from crankcase. I can’t get it out. Isn’t the hole in that lower intake negative pressure? I should feel air sucking through the hole but I don’t. So when I replaced the pcv I just left it out of the hole I mean why plug a new pcv. It helped but I’m still blowing oil out of my dip stick hole & I fear that I have blown a rear seal. Is that screen being plugged causing my engine not to breath? Is that why I have to hold gas pedal til engine warm? Is said screen causing pressure in crankcase & oil blowing out dipstick tube? Can I blow rear seal & gaskets? How do I get that screen out? I tried carb cleaner, brakleen & needle-nose pliers. PLEASE SOS. Shed some light on this. I’m really sorry for being lengthy I’m very greatful for your time.

The engine fuel flow control system is designed to allow for the airflow through the pcv valve, and on into the engine intake. If TOO MUCH air goes through a (wrong) pcv valve, it can lean the fuel / air mixture. Your engine has the opposite condition — NO pcv air flow. That lack of air flow may be causing the engine to run a little rich.

The intake manifold vacuum “sucks” blow-by gases through the pcv valve, in a properly operating system. This action pulls the blow-by gases out of the engine crankcase.

Yes, if the crankcase gases can’t get out through the pcv valve, they will find the weakest point to escape. That could be a crankshaft seal, or the oil pan seal, or other lower part of the engine.

When you open the throttle a little to get the engine to start, that is allowing more air into the engine intake. This MIGHT be the (about) same amount of air that the pcv valve would normally pass into the intake. Also, the air flow might be restricted by a dirty idle air control valve and its dirty air passages, and by a dirty throttle plate and bore. Clean with a Throttle Body Cleaner.

Find another port to manifold vacuum for the time being. At the end of the day pour some solvent into the clogged port for an overnight soak. Heck, drill it out if you can vacuum out the debris. Remove the carb/throttle body to gain access to the other side of it (I don’t know how the intake is configured on YOUR engine).

Change out the coolant temp sensor. It’s probably the reason the cold start is whacked. It’s probably reading a warm engine and not applying any fuel enrichment.

After you get the PCV system ironed out, use Auto-Rx to clean up the engine. It’s slow and thorough and won’t slam a bunch of crud into the pickup screen at one time. Google it.

well,well, i had the same problem with my 1987 lin. town car, put that needle nose pliers( i had one with a long snout) done in their and twist and turn till you get it loose. i pulled up shreds at a time-- but it finally came loose. my driveway had oil on it all the time— and oil blowing out of the dipstick —don’t give up - the screen is only a 1/2 inch deep whish i was there to give you a hand??? good luck and let us know how you made out