1990 lincoln continental cv axel replaced

replaced both cv drive axels,left side then right side,(no problems.) Test drove

and seemed ok.at 1st stop sign i heard a grinding noise and would not move .

anyone have any idea? did tranny go bad or did something come loose inside transaxel?

Sounds like either the axle splines were not fully seated into the transaxle and one or both came loose or you did not tighten the shaft nut tight enough. The latter could allow the splines to wallow out the hub, eventually the hub splines will give way, and no more movement.

Kind of leaning toward the former. About all I can suggest is raise it up and take a look. You should have been able to feel the shafts snap in when inserting them into the transaxle.

Thanks,i think cv axels are fully inserted,the lower control arm when connected determines distance from transaxel case to the steering knuckle.,there is no play, I torqued the steering nut to 200lbs,—Thanks