1990 Honda Civic After-market radio static

Hi everyone! I have an issue with my car radio:

It’s an after-market cd player/radio (Blaupunkt, to be specific) and over the last three years, I’ve been having trouble with the radio losing reception. It’s not like it loses the station, though, it’s more like it loses the radio completely. The stations will come in fine, then there will be some static (sometimes I’ll be able to hear a different station muffled in the background) and that’s it. Then, sometimes the radio will come back, but other times it won’t. And, when the radio is out, all stations are out; it’s not like I lose a station and can find another (it’s like all the stations disappear).

The REAL confusing part, though, is that if I turn the radio off, and then turn it back on, the station will come in again (for a while). However, the reception gets progressively worse the longer the radio is on and eventually the ‘turn off, turn on’ game won’t work any more.

I took it to the company that installed the radio and they said it might have something to do with the battery; the shop says that everything looks like there is nothing wrong (externally).

It sounds to me like either your radio is going bad, or you may have a bad ground. You could check to see where the wiring harness connects to the chassis, and see if it is corroded, or if the connector is corroded.

From your description of the trouble it sounds to me that there is either a problem within the radio itself (possibly the RF input area) or the antenna has a bad connection to the radio. The battery isn’t causing the trouble.