1990 Dodge D150 Parking Lights Won't Turn On

I bought a dodge d150 a month ago. when i bought it, the lights work fine. one night i pulled out the headlight switch to turn the lights on, and the headlights came on, but no parking/running lights came on, and the backlighting didn’t come on. if i sit there and jiggle the switch between off and where the original “notch” for the parking lights were, i can get them to come on intermittently. but they turn off as soon as i let go of the knob. all the other lights work, headlights, directionals, hazards, reverse lights, cargo light… you get the idea. does anyone know what is going on here?

Clearly a bad switch.

it took a while to get back on here since ive been working on the truck. i still haven’t figured out the headlight/parking light issue. does anyone know what switch could be bad and maybe how to replace it?

While a bad switch is a good bet, it is not the only possibility. Someone with a fair knowledge and a volt meter should be able to find the problem.

Good Luck

The headlight switch itself is bad.