1990 cherokee laredo, done!

guys, I think I screwed up bad. I m trying to change universal at the right front wheel that is behind hub assembly.
I drove the the hub partially off the hub assembly instead of getting the whole assembly to come out of the steering knuckle bore. I stopped before it came out all the way.

I didn t want to get into the bearings I just wanted to take the assembly out so I could get to the universal

can I drive it back in with an impact gun and the the hub nut or will that push something out the back of hub like a bearing?

or can I drive it back in with a hammer and large socket?

and if I can get it back in how can I get the hub assembly out of the knuckle bore? I tried to tap it out like it showed and got nowhere so I thought driving the rotor off must be it. wrong!

can I put the bolts back thru the knuckle and partially thread them into the hub assembly again and hit the bolt heads to start it out of the bore?

I am not doing very well on this project and its really getting to me. it s our only safe vehicle and I MUST fix this soon. it is doable but I just don t know the right way to do it


Im not sure if this video is of any help, the camera work is spotty but there might be something worth while in it I dont know

thanks! that s my Jeep! i knew i should have just beat the darn wedge in behind the hub assembly til it moved.

now i just hope i can get the hub back into the assembly so i can do it right.

i hope i did not bend the hub too much when i drove it part way out of assembly by pounding wedges in between it and other part of hub assembly.

i m so stupid. i wonder if i can put the nut on and drive it back together with impact or will that push something out or should i beat it back in with hammer or should i take it all apart first and press it back in, but i don t have a press.

you re the man fender. i knew i should have done it like that but i chickened out and was stupid


fender, my jeep is not named yet, suggestions?

The hub and bearing should be removed as an assembly before the axle shaft. Due to rust it may be very difficult to separate the components. If the hub came off with the bearing stuck in the steering knuckle I’m not sure how you can prevent that other than soaking the bearing with an oil solvent.

If the axle shaft is stuck in the hub but the assembly can be removed from the vehicle you may be able to replace the joint while still attached to the hub.

it didn t just come off. I drove it off with steel wedges and 4lb maul. I just separated the wrong part. once I get the back of the hub assembly broke free from knuckle the axle shaft will be free, it has play. I just have to drive the hub back into the rest of hub assembly now and separate it from the knuckle as I should have to begin with. hard to explain , I drove it apart as if I was going to change bearings, which I m not. hopefully it goes back in, I only separated it about3/4 in , not all the way out

im just gonna put some bearing grease on the exposed part and try to drive the hub back into the bearing, its only partway out.

can I put the nut back on and see if my impact will push it back in?

i should have thought of you tub e. duh

tank you fender


I got the hub back into assembly! and got assembly out. now I have to replace u- joint and re assemble.
got broken sway bar bolt welded and re installed, til I get a new one
not happy with the weld quality but beggars can t be choosers. I ll do it myself next time…

new brake pads but was not really needed yet, it was u- joint making the racket

Advanced auto, has sending unit for oil pressure in stock, 30 some bucks, they had all my parts in stock! and the girls who worked there were pretty good. the guy this morning couldn t even , or wouldn t even get me a conversion table to tell me what 1-7/16in converted to in metric so I could buy an impact socket
I was proud of myself, I just went and got the nut instead of arguing. I m sure it was on his computer somewhere and in the repair manuals they lend, but I just took care of it and was nice about it…

thanks , wes

Wish I could have helped but know nothing about Jeeps. When I was doing the hub/bearing on my Riviera though, I pulled on the axle a little too much and %$#$%^ separated the inner CV joint. All you can do is go get a new one and don’t tell anyone. I was more careful on the other side. So feel your pain and panic.

Yeah we’ve all been there. Panic mode. Glad you’re making progress Wes. Just try to keep calm and focus on one thing at a time. Good thing about the Jeep cherokee is that its an enthusiast vehicle. Large aftermarket and online support system. Just search for jeep forums, youtube, etc.

no more panic, but another problem.

after I took out axle shaft and went in to cool off, I went back out to a puddle of gear oil. I think I ll think be rolling soon but I may have messed up 4WD. maybe transfer seals. I just don t have time to remove shift motor or money to buy hand vacuum and parts right now.

I ve promised misses wes to go out on the beach this year too. :frowning:

I am confident I could do it now tho when I have time and money. maybe before fall fishing and winter snow…

well, got the caliper, pads and wheel to put back on. the rest is done. that was the hardest universal I ve ever changed.

it does look like the lift was done well. nothing is loose or worn out in front steering and suspension parts as far as I saw.

I wish I d went to you tube a bit sooner…

thanks again,wes

My son finally made it over, he s been rebiulding his Camaro motor after work this week, he thinks the gear oil leaking is normal and it resealed after I put shaft back in. so maybe my four wheel drive is ok.

With no insult to jeep owner intended, the name “Jeepskate” popped into my mind. Sorry.

that s a lot nicer than what I called myself…

the front end is all put back together.

installed new pads, caliper pins, and right axle u-joint. welded up sway bar bolt that was broken.
still need to add some gear oil to differential and I think I ll bleed brakes and jack up the rear end and check some stuff while I ve got the tools out.

if it works my better half will be pleased.

the jeep is fixed. for now.

goes down the road straight with no hands

doesn t pull at all when braking

no more clack clack clacking

4wd is ok

feels and runs like a dream

thanks to all who helped and encouraged

apologies to all I annoyed


All right, Good Night. Job well done. (Wish they’d find that dang plane)

after my first in depth inspection of this jeep I ve come to the conclusion that its in remarkably good shape for a 24 yr old vehicle. almost rust free and and other than grease and grime, much of which has been removed, still a very tight truck that has been maintained.

I think my next step is to replace the plastic wheel well inserts to prevent water and dirt getting to the good stuff and causing trouble. in one wheel well it has pretty much fallen apart and while the other three are still mostly doing their job, they are all brittle and ready to fail. if I replace them it will gofar in preventing rust problems. the fender flares could stand to be replaced as well. I was gonna paint them for cosmetic reasons but the bolts holding them on snap off if you try to remove them.

yep, I m officially a Cherokee man now!

if I remember correctly dagosa is the rust prevention master and I m sure his techniques can be found and utilized to great effect in keeping my jeep strong

Hey @wesw try and put everything into one post, I mean like whovere said sure you got your grease monkey badge for number of posts, but really? Sure 5 posts for each response you will be a whatever soon, but I got my reputation the old fashioned way, quality not quantity. Now may attemt to read through 5 consecutive posts, as that is not unusual for you, second thought prefer not to!