1990 BMW 325i - brake noise


I have had two cars since Jimmy Carter was president. A '74 BMW 2002 which caught fire in 1996 (another story) and the current 1990 BMW 325i with 130,000 miles…neither of which had cupholders (but an unwrapped spool of duct tape on the floor board works just great). My problem happens only when the car is cold, the first time I apply the brakes backing out, I hear a loud click…not a clank. then the first time I apply the brake going forward I hear the same click, not so loud. And then not again until the next time it is cold and I back it out. In a quiet parking garage the “click” is really pretty loud and can’t be missed. I have the best BMW mechanic in Tampa…his “shop” is of course a disaster, but when the local dealership is stumped, they call Phil at Fine Cars 813 873 0810 (maybe you would like to call him?). Phil is stumped. Says maybe it has to do with the pads somehow causing this noise until they warm up, but he’s unsure.