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Beemer clutch

I have a 2002 BMW 325i with 60,000 miles. When I push the clutch to the floor, it goes clank, clank, clank. Seems to otherwise work fine, as long as it is not to the floor, no noise. Clanking is timed to engine revs. Any ideas

loose flywheel bolts can do this, this really needs an eye on examine. Clank is Never good.

As you depress the pedal, a sealed ball bearing is being pressed into the rotating clutch cover or pressure plate fingers. The more you depress the pedal, the farther the bearing moves into the clutch. Depressing the “fingers” on the spinning cover is what releases the clutch disk, which is attached to the transmission input shaft.

I suspect one of the clutch fingers is unhappy about it’s situation. I would drive it very carefully until you have it repaired. Clutches that make “clank, clank” sounds can fail catastrophically, parts flying everywhere, very expensive parts…

IIRC, this is not an uncommon problem (in the pressure plate?) and requires the clutch to be replaced. Luckily the labor isn’t too bad since the car is RWD.

I agree with this, sounds like a possible broken or bent clutch finger.

Some BMWs use a dual mass flywheel with small parts that could clank if the flywheel is coming apart. The chances of it happening are small but still possible. Those flywheels are very expensive to replace.