199 Olds 88 SES light Issue

OK, so I have an Olds 88 with 115,000 miles. Car is in great condition, but I have an SES issue. Under hard acceleration from a stop the SES will flash a “Random Misfire”. It only seems to throw this code when the temp is above freezing (32F). I have replaced the plugs and wires, and am at a loss. The engine will seem to hesistate VERY briefly, but nothing major. Any ideas??

A 199 is a really old car. I’ll assume a '99?

Your check engine light won’t flash a random misfire. It will flash. So I guess that what you are saying is that the light will flash, and that you’ve had the codes read and the code is P0300 - ?

If so, note that mis-“fire” is a little bit of a misnomer b/c it is really about mis-combustion (so it can be spark, fuel, air, compression). For a random/multiple cylinder misfire on this car, given that the plugs & wires are new, I would stop assuming a spark problem and move next to fuel. How old is that fuel filter? Get a fuel pressure gauge on it & evaluate fuel pressure under load.

LOL Yes it’s a 1999. I don’t know how old the fuel filter is. I bought the car used in July. THe previous owner kept up on all maintance, but I really don’t know.