Cyliner 3 misfire



I have a 1998 Oldsmobile LSS with a little over 180000 miles on it. I recently had an episode where my car would not start unless given gas and would not idle either when I removed my foot from the gas pedal. I managed to drive it to the garage without taking my foot off the gas pedal. The guy also had a similar problem when starting but once he gave it some gas it started idling and seemed to work fine. The check engine light was never on and the guys couldn’t figure out what caused it.

The problem hasn’t occurred since (3 days), but my check engine light came on yesterday. It went away once I drove a little, but came on again this morning. It had got really cold outside last night. I took it to Autozone for an OBD and the computer read 3rd cylinder misfire. The guy at Autozone suggested I get a tune up done. Could that be it? I have also added fuel system cleaner but haven’t driven a lot after that. I also had to have my fuel sending unit replaced recently. Also I dont know if this is related, but I feel a slight rumble at the steering wheel when idling that wasn’t as prominent before. Please advice.


Yes, the first thing I would do is a basic “tune up.” The first thing to suspect on misfire would be plugs and wires. If they are old they should be done anyway.


Get the tune up. You dont day if this is a carburated or fuel injected engine? with this many miles on it, you could well have fouled plugs or sticky injectors, either of which can cause missfire. How long since the last tune up, how much oil does it burn? Have you followed the sevice schedual after it went out of warranty? Hmmmmm…


Thanks for responding! I am not aware the maintenance history…I bought a car a little over a month ago, used and so it may be very likely in bad need of a tune up. The oil levels have been holding up, even though there is a little leak, nothing major. I am not sure if its carburated or fuel injected, but I would suspect its fuel injected. I think I am going to get the tune up done and keep my fingers crossed.


Thanks for responding! I will get the tune up done and keep my fingers crossed.


Would Autozone be a good place to get a tune up done? Or should I go elsewhere…


Check out the car talk list of recommende independent mechanics available on this sight. Avoid the big chains as much as possible, they prey on us ignoramuses even when we know a good deal about our cars. go to these places to buy parts and get the chilton or haynes manual for your car to find out what the recommended fluids and sevice intervals are. Then get a 100,000 mile service done, and stick to the schedual to make this thing last as long as possible from here on out.


To have work done on your car - even as simple as an oil change - it is best to use a local, independent mechanic. Corporate chain shops are a good thing to avoid.


A single cylinder misfire whould not cause the no-start or the no-idle condition. Of course your car should be current on maintiance.