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1989 Toyota Pick-up

I have a Toyota 4 wheel drive pick up that I love! I have one current problem with the drivers side door which is the upper hinge pin appears to be worn to the point that you now have to open the window to get the door to open by using the exterior door latch. My question is both the inside and outside door latches work so why does the latch on the inside not open the door?

Don’t follow? Ur inside handle does not work so u open window to use outside handle? Inside handle has rod that connects to latch. Inside door. Take off door panel and inspect rod.

+1 for Stoveguyy. The latch is the same. The outside and inside door handles operate the latch differently.

Is the door sagging due to the worn hinge pin? If it sags, then the isn’t aligned correctly with the latch mechanism. It could be the outside door handles moves the mechanism just a bit further than the interior door handle. Hence one will move the latch release enough to open the door, the other does not.

I believe that the exterior door latch handle lifts up to unlatch the door. Lifting up on the latch also lifts up the door. Most likely replacing the hinge pins and bushings will correct the problem unless the door has drooped long enough that the door latch is damaged or the hinges are worn beyond replacing the bushings.

For the DIYer. lay a cushion on the roof and position a 2x4 across the roof so that a rope can be hung to support the door on one end and the other end can be tied down. A great deal of patience is still required. An engine lift works great when available. I strongly recommend that the door not be removed trying to support it with one hand while tapping out the pins with the other.