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1989 S-10 Won't Stay Running

Ok… a few weeks ago, I was running my 1989 4.3 S-10 Pickup and it shut off. I popped the hood and found a collapsed vacuum line. I replaced the line and the truck wouldn’t run at all unless I patted the accelerator pedal. The truck received a tune-up a few weeks prior including plugs, wires, fuel filter, distributor cap, rotor button, air cleaner, pcv valve. Since my troubles, I’ve replaced the Map Sensor, Throttle Position Sensor, fuel filter, fuel pump, catalytic convertor, and… i think that’s it. The truck cranks fine, idles fine, but will not STAY idle unless you give it gas. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

By the way, I forgot to add that the truck has 130K original miles.