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1993 Chevy S-10 Idle Speed

Replaced IAC Valve, Throttle Positioning sensor, Vaccuum Lines, Plugs & Wires, Throttle Body Gaskets the trucks continues to run at high idle gas mileage poor, when you come to a stop it runs rough. When you are runnign at high speed it runs great. next step they say is to replace the computer. Any advice?

Have you replaced the Coolant Temperature Sensor yet? If not check to make sure the wires are still connected and that the sensor is calibrated to the engine temperature.

Hope this is your problem as it would be a simple cheap fix.

make sure the plugs wires and air filter are good and throttle body injecters i’d go to the junk yard and shove a couple computers down my pants and try them done it before and it fixed my buddys v6 s10 bout the same year we replaced everything costed him a fortune no sense spending tons of money on a part not knowig if it’ll even fix it sounds like the same truck and engine is it that v6 4.3 has the check engine light came on and have you had it tested i beleive there is an idle speed screw on that if its the same motor and throttle body