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1989 Jeep Wrangler 2.5L / oil pump installation

I am trying to install an oil pump and the book tells me to replace the seal from the oil pump tube to the engine block but there is no seal in the new pump kit. Does it have a seal or a washer??

I don’t recall a seal on the OEM oil screens. The tube is usually a “press fit” including the one shown here:

Someone else may know of an “O” ring seal of some sort.

Carefully examine the old pump…Is there an “O” ring on the tube where it fits into the block?

If this book is a Chiltons only about half of the info in those books is believeable.
Normally they’re press fit as far as I know with no seal.

I hope you’re not changing an oil pump to cure a low oil pressure problem. This is seldom the cause and seldom works.