2000 jeep wrangler

Got a oil change today, driving 2 miles down the road and engine light comes on, I go back to dealership and they left my oil cap off. After 10 minutes of looking for it they found it by the radiator (on top), they then tested jeep and said it was 02 sensor. I left with engine light off, 10 miles later check engine light on again. I go back to have them check it and they said the sensors were never plugged in from when I had maint on transmission (owner before me). They said they would replace sensor for 114.00 thats minus 30.00 for oil change… wow. My question is I never had any problems with engine light until oil change and I think the oil compression had somethung to do with it from cap not being on. What do you say and what should I do?? Please help!

It’s a stretch to envision how, but my guess is that they knocked the O2 sensor plugg off when they changed the oil. And why that would necessitate a new sensor is beyond me to understand.

The oil cap being loose will not affect the oil pressure unless one heads uot for a highway trip and blows too much oil out the hole. The oil pump draws the oil from a pool in the oil pan and pressurizes it from there. The cavity under the valvecover on which the fill cap is located has nothing directly to do with oil pressure.

I think a Bozo did the work, bumped the O2 sensor plug off, and left the oil cap off. That’s the only scenerio that fits their explanations. If I’m right the fix should be simply to plug the sensor back in and properly install the fill cap.

I’d spend an extra few bucks elsewhere rather than allow these guys near my vehicle again.

Did the dealership offer a really cheap oil change special? Whether it’s Quick Lube or I-N-Out Lube or the dealership, if they hang a banner out with a good deal on oil changes they probably have a young kid(or bozo) who wants to be a mechanic doing the work while being under a lot of pressure to get the cars out the door. The cheapest deal is often the worst deal in the long run. Well, I feel better now.

I agree 100% with the both of you. Well said.

Thanks everyone for the help. Went to my regular mechanic he tried to trouble shoot it today but it did not work. It’s the sensor towards the rear of the vehicle about 114.00 at the very least to repair. I am never going to that dealership again and will try to get to my regular mechanic for oil changes. Just seems wierd how it all happened during an oil change. I mean a oil cap??? Who’s that dumb??? Also he was so lazy he didn’t fill my wash fluid. Thanks again fellas!! And thanks to all the honest mechanics out there including mine!

Amanda from Wisconsin